Thoughtful apartment bedroom furniture design

Thoughtful apartment bedroom furniture design that works for everyone

The demand for furnished and part-furnished city living apartments continues to thrive and whether renting or buying, the profile of potential buyer can be quite diverse.

Whether it’s a first-time buyer seeking an uncomplicated first purchase, an executive couple wanting to live in close proximity to their place of work, seniors downsizing in later life or investors buying to let, the interior design of the modern furnished apartment has to appeal to a wide range of buyers.     

Simple, elegant bedroom furniture

Simple, elegant furniture design is always the answer. Keeping the bespoke furniture design focused towards modern classics that do not date prematurely will usually appeal to the widest buyer audience.

Resisting the desire to make the furniture package overly embellished in its design with fancy handles or overly distinctive surface finishes will help you hit that sweet spot that maximises the widest buyer interest.

Personal choice

Offering the buyer the same design of furniture package but with the option of three or four colours maximises your buying power with the furniture manufacturer who requires volume to achieve the best possible unit prices for you whilst still giving the buyer some degree of personal choice. Generally, a light and darker woodgrain effect, possibly coupled with a painted effect provides the potential buyer with as much choice as they need.

Handles should simply be functional, elegant and timeless. Where any metal components are required such as bedsides, table and desk under-frames, once again a limited choice of black, bronze  or silver powder coating or chrome plating always works well.

Longevity above all else

All horizontal surfaces need to be heat-resistant to avoid any premature marking from everything from hot mugs to heated hair curlers. Heat-resistant melamines and laminates are the most reliable decors to specify unless you decide to put glass tops on the horizontal surfaces of all of your case goods.

Ensuring that all drawers are fitted with soft-close mechanisms will keep your specified furniture looking great for longer; indeed the same applies to soft-close hinges or soft-close sliding mechanisms on fitted wardrobes.

Wherever possible, headboards should be fitted to the wall rather than to the bed itself. Again, this will ensure that the life of your headboard is maximised whilst also avoiding the possibility of any unwanted noise transference between apartments.

When furnishing tall city centre blocks of apartments, the furniture also needs to be designed so it can be carried easily into the apartment rooms and, as such, considerations like turning circles for larger pieces of furniture need to be factored in when moving through often narrow apartment corridors or through apartment doorway.

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