Storage, storage and more storage...

Storage, storage and more storage…

Just like the rest of us, students enjoy surrounding themselves with familiar things when they are living away from home. That said, the average city centre student bedroom can be a far cry away from the scale of bedroom many students are used to at home. Not only are there lots of clothes that require storing out of sight within a student bedroom, but what about the rucksacks, suitcases, sports equipment, musical instruments and of course, the odd book or two? They are there to study after all…

Consider wasted space

When designing the bespoke case goods for a student bedroom, it is always important to factor in as many storage options as the budget will allow and the space permits. Space above wardrobes is often wasted space when it could be used for rucksacks or small suitcases. Making a wardrobe taller not only provides this storage facility within the student bedroom furniture, but also makes the wardrobe appear neater and more like a fitted piece of furniture.

Students generally do not have a requirement for much long hanging inside a wardrobe so it makes sense to provide as many shelves for tee shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers as possible and keep just enough hanging for coats and a few items of smart casuals.

Utilise beds as storage

Within the student bedroom, the bed itself has to work hard as a storage facility. It is much more than simply somewhere to sleep. A bespoke cabin bed provides deep drawers beneath the bed to hide away the clutter. Alternatively, a contract quality ottoman bed lifts up to provide space for plenty of those bulky items that one might not want on show.

Quality counts

Some student rooms are sufficiently large to accept a small chest of drawers, but frankly not many. Wherever drawers are introduced, it is imperative to specify soft-close runners and solid drawer bottoms which will extend the life of the furniture. Students have a habit of overfilling drawers and the last thing anyone wants is drawer bottoms that are not strong enough for the task. Drawers can also be introduced into desk designs and the bottom of wardrobes if required.


Lastly, those study books. Thankfully, these days most literature is available online and the need for physical books is less than it once was. That said, there is still always a need for some book shelving in a bedroom. The shelving unit also provides the student with an opportunity to display photos of family or friends so they feel more at home.


A robust, but attractive shelving unit that compliments the other contract bedroom furniture positioned above the bed or above the study desk can ensure that the student has sufficient shelf space.

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